Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Biopharmaceutics for the Therapy of Central Nervous System Diseases

The Bio2Brain Vision

The aim of the Bio2Brain network is the development of a research and training program to train young scientists in innovating novel technologies to deliver biopharmaceuticals efficiently from the nose to the brain. It thereby offers a unique opportunity to 13 early career researchers to develop new paradigms and treatments in neurological diseases. Bio2Brain will create the fundament for the future transfer of the developed technologies for a later clinical development and GMP manufacturing.

Bio2Brain - Consortium
Bio2Brain – Consortium
Carmen Gruber-Traub - Bio2Brain Project Coordinator

“There is a critical need for new approaches for the treatment of CNS diseases. Hence, innovating novel technologies are required to deliver biopharmaceuticals safely and efficiently from the nose to the brain. Within the Bio2Brain network we aim at overcomimg this challenge by bundling very different expertise, providing an exceptional training and collaborative environment.​”

Dr. Carmen Gruber-Traub / Project Coordinator