The Bio2Brain project focuses on three main objectives:

  1. The training of early career researchers from different disciplines to set up a strong European network,
  2. The implementation of innovative research projects and
  3. The creation of the fundament for the future transfer of the developed technologies for a later clinical development and GMP manufacturing.

First objective: Training next generation of interdisciplinary scientists

The Bio2Brain network will create a research environment for the interdisciplinary and intersectoral training of 13 ESRs supported by 11 academic teams (beneficiaries and partner universities), 6 key industrial stakeholders and an academic non-profit organization. All ESRs from the Bio2Brain teams will be enrolled in a doctoral program.

The ESRs, recruited in Bio2Brain, will be in the centre of developing new advanced materials, formulations and engineered proteins for the intranasal CNS delivery of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). They will obtain experience in the entire transdisciplinary development cycle of the medicinal product, from pharmacological drug pathway validation, product and process design, synthesis to characterization, validation and quality control, as well as in tools for the time to market and commercialisation phase.

Second objective: Innovative research projects aiming for future therapy

The overall scientific aim of Bio2Brain is the development of an innovative intranasal nose to brain (N2B) drug delivery technology based on the design and synthesis of a biomaterial-based novel class of hydrogel in combination with mAb-loaded functional particles, which will be directly applied to the nasal olfactory region. The mechanisms of the mAb transport from the nasal mucosa to the CNS and their interaction with the mucosa will be analysed to tailor engineered mAbs for an improved and safe N2B delivery. Numerical simulation and modelling of the interface processes will support the scientific aims.

Third Objective: Future translation into clinical and industry application through involved industry

The past and present scientific work on nanotechnology is characterised by a shortfall in technology transfer which decisively depends upon an up-to-date education and training. The strong presence of industrial partners in the Bio2Brain project will contribute to develop entrepreneurship and creativity by enabling the ESRs to experience the challenges encountered when transferring fundamental research to the industrial application. At the same time, new fundamental research will be seeded by the practical problems encountered in the industrial development. The non-academic beneficiaries and associated partners will provide a crucial contribution to the training of the ESRs by exposing them to a highly innovative industrial environment. In that context, the ESRs will learn to communicate and collaborate with industrial partners and how to apply scientific knowledge into industrial practice. This fosters efficient and long-lasting relationships between academia and industry.