Join our ESRs in the kitchen as they us their scientific skills to whip up a delightful cake and discover the sweet side of science!

Meet our ESR team as they introduce themselves and dive into the exciting world of their research project! Get to know the faces behind the innovation and join them on their journey towards interesting discoveries.

ESR 12 Alexander takes us through his journey from computational simulations to laboratory experiments. A sustainable approach which seeks to replace costly in-vitro methods with computational design.

In her doctoral studies, ESR 11 Vaidehi is focussing on designing single-domain antibodies, also known as nanobodies. This type of antibodies is particularly interesting owing to their small size, high specificity, and target binding affinity.

ESR 13 Seth touches on how 3D soft water-based polymers popularly known as hydrogels can be used to deliver innovative therapeutics in a minimally invasive way while ensuring patient compliance.

Designing nanoparticles is never a simple task, our ESR 9 Davide makes sure that the particles size does not elude him while changing various parameters during the production process.
Watch our Early-Stage-Researchers in action as they present their exciting projects and goals in an engaging news broadcast!

ESR 1 Beatrice talks about how simple techniques such as the spray drying can be used to produce particle-based innovative drug delivery systems.

In her doctoral studies, ESR 3 Selin is focused on developing nanoparticles to be used as vehicles to deliver innovative therapeutic agents using PLGA an FDA-approved polymer.

Wondering how mucoadhesive formulations can stick to the mucosa surface? Mucoadhesion is the term used to describe this phenomenon. As part of her doctoral studies, ESR 10 Gabriela is delving deeper into this phenomenon and shares her insight.

ESR 5 Romain sheds light on how AI has come to revolutionize experimental research.  He further talks about how these in silico methods guides the path in to producing effective and safe therapeutics.