Name: Romain Topalian

Host Organisation: Biberach University of Applied Science, Germany

Project Title: Safe-by-Design

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Chrystelle Mavoungou

Objectives of the Project:

The overall goal of this project is the development of a Safe-by-Design data-based computational platform for the intranasal drug delivery system in support of toxicological determination of intranasal drug delivery systems.

The specific goals are:

  1. Safe-by-Design approach by means of data-based modelling;
  2. Optimal design of Drug Delivery Systems, based on innovative safe-by-design computational tools and methodology.


    • Task: To learn about Coarse grained molecular dynamic simulations
    • Advisor: Dr. Alexandros Alexopoulos
    • Duration: 2 months
  • QMUL
    • Task: To learn about special properties to materials to be used for the safe-by-Design-Concept for drug delivery systems
    • Advisor: Prof. Martina Resmini
    • Duration: 1 week
  • MyB
    • Task: To learn more about Nano-emulsion with the aim to design a safe and age-related drug delivery system
    • Advisor: Dr. Nazende Günday Türeli
    • Duration: 1 month

Short Biography:

My name is Romain Topalian and I am a recent college graduate with a dual french-german Master’s Degree in Biochemical engineering.

After several experiences abroad, I decided to pursue a PhD in a field that was completely unknown for me: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Always eager to discover new fields of science, I decided to join the Bio2Brain project at the Hochschule Biberach in order to link my scientific knowledge to the AI.

Personally, I particularly enjoy gathering people around a good French meal.