Name: Sebastian Spiegel

Host Organisation: University Hospital Inselspital Bern, University of Bern, Switzerland

Project title: Nose to Brain application of wildtype and engineered antibodies in the pathophysiological context in vivo

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. med. Andrew Chan


Objectives of the Project:

The overall goal of this project is to employ innovative drug delivery systems developed in the consortium in rodent models of central nervous system disorders, namely autoimmune, ischemic and neurotoxic diseases.

The specific goals are:

  1. Antibody distribution of engineered and wildtype antibodies in a pathophysiological context in vivo (inflammation, ischemia, toxic).
  2. Therapeutic effects of engineered and wildtype antibodies in the pathophysiological context in vivo.
  3. Interactions of engineered and wildtype antibodies with primary central nervous system (CNS) and nasal cavity cells.


  • HBC
    • Task: Training in dissection/cultivation of mouse nasal cavity cells (epithelial, olfactory, lymphoid) and basic training in antibody engineering
    • Advisor: Prof. Katharina Zimmermann
    • Duration: 1 month
  • LENS
    • Task: Training in imaging of trafficking and diffusion of antibodies in tissue to extend findings of the brain wide map in the pathophysiological context. Two separate secondments are planned since animal models will partly be analysed subsequently
    • Advisor: Dr. Martino Calamai
    • Duration: 2 months
  • CSL
    • Task: Training in protein-protein interactions and complex, functional in vitro systems (e.g. 3D cell culture systems) in an industrial research environment dedicated to therapeutic antibodies
    • Advisor: Dr. Andrian Zuercher
    • Duration: 1 month

Short Biography:         

  • Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from Ulm University
  • Master of science in biochemistry from Ulm University
    • Trained in solid-phase peptide synthesis
  • One year internship at the biochemistry and biotechnology lab at the university of applied Science in Biberach
  • Dance teacher
  • Competitive dancer in Latin American dances