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The Biberach University of Applied Science (HBC) was founded in 1964 and the faculty for Biotechnology, in 2006. HBC and University of Ulm have collaborative master courses and PhD programs. Both complete the majors „pharmaceutical biotechnology“ and „industrial biotechnology“ with matching research programs. With the founding of the Institute for Applied Biotechnology (IAB), the prerequisites for anchoring biotechnological research and development at HBC were created. The IAB is located at the Campus Aspach and complements the “Pharmaceutical Biotechnology” and “Industrial Biotechnology” degree programmes with a correspondingly oriented research programme. The core competence of the institute is the manufacturing process for biopharmaceuticals as well as for products of industrial (white) biotechnology. In the various laboratories of the IAB, the complete biotechnological manufacturing process is represented – from the establishment of cell lines and microorganisms to fermentation, protein purification and protein analysis. The state-of-the-art equipment in the laboratories of the degree programmes and the IAB enables the processing of current and progressive projects in these areas.

Website: https://www.hochschule-biberach.de/transfer/forschung/institut-fuer-angewandte-biotechnologie