Logo - Beiter

Beiter is a small Toolmaker in the south of Germany with 50 employees. Our main business is the production of injection moulds for the automotive industry. In our production, we train 6-8 young people every year in toolmaker activities. This is more than 10% of our employees. We are also involved in different research and development projects in the medical industry. The participation of our company in the projects n2b-patch and cell cassette deserves special mention. In these projects we were able to contribute our know-how in relation to the construction and implementation of plastic products in the medical field. In our research and development department, we are able to design, modify and, if necessary, print out parts in advance using our 3D printer. We are also able to do the injection molding in house. We can offer our customer injection molded prototypes for measuring reports and functional tests. This enables us to get a quick response about the design and function of the parts. Beiter is also involved in other research projects, especially in the field of engineering plastics, for example the development and manufacture of electric drives.

Website: www.beiter.de