Logo - CSL Behring

CSL Behring is a global, plasma-based biotech company with headquarters in Australia and the US (approx. 22’000 employees). Bern, Switzerland is a key production site for the company (>1500 employees) with a significant R&D presence (>200 specialists from 9 different R&D functions). In July 2019, the Research and Early Clinical Development Departments relocated to the newly opened Swiss Institute of Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine (www.sitem-insel.ch) on the campus of the Bern University Hospital to form the CSL Biologics Research Center (CBRC). The CBRC focuses on identification, characterization and development of novel biologics for treatment of life-threatening diseases, with focus on immune, respiratory, hematological and neurological disorders.

Website: https://www.cslbehring.com/