My name is Beatrice Di Lelio (ESR1), a PhD candidate working at Fraunhofer IGB. In July 2023, I had the pleasure of being hosted by Queen Mary University of London (UK) for a secondment in Prof. Marina Resmini’s laboratory. During my time in London, from the 26th of June to the 21st of July, I entered into direct contact with the work of my colleagues Davide Mazzali (ESR 9) and Gabriela Rath (ESR 10) to get insight into nanogel’s production and characterization methods. Under the direct supervision of Gabriela and Prof. Resmini, I focused on evaluating nanogel’s surface-active properties through dynamic surface tension measurements. Thanks to the interesting discussion and exchange with Dr. Federico Traldi, I got an interesting introduction to this technique and its application to evaluate particle-proteins interaction.

During this month I had the occasion to engage directly with six of the ESRs, having the opportunity to strengthen our collaboration and obtain additional insight into our field of study. This was just the first step in a long-term plan of collaboration, aiming to reach an interdisciplinary approach in our research.

I would like to publicly thank Prof. Marina Resmini and all the staff from the Chemistry department for their warm welcome and great teachings, which allowed me to leave London with priceless insight into a different research environment that would certainly help me grow in my research career.

Thanks also to all the six ESRs and especially to Davide and Gabriela for the one-of-a-kind experience that we shared in this amazing and exciting city.

I loved my time in London and I am looking forward to my next collaboration.

Bio2Brain ESRs Gabriela, Marta, Seth, Vaidehi, Beatrice, and Davide in London