My name is Erik Taylor (ESR 2) and I am a PhD researcher at Fraunhofer IGB in Stuttgart, Germany. My aim within the Bio2Brain consortium is to develop biomaterial based hydrogels with enhanced mucoadhesive properties for intranasal, transmucosal drug delivery systems. To accomplish this goal, I would like to examine the mucadhesive capabilities of modified biopolymers using ex vivo models from excised porcine olfactory mucosa. Therefore, a planned secondment was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Katharina Zimmermann’s group at Hochschule Biberach from March 7 to March 25, 2022. During this secondment, techniques for harvesting olfactory and respiratory mucosa from slaughtered pig snouts were learned, and preliminary mucoadhesion tests were subsequently conducted using the excised tissues. Furthermore, instruction was received for experimental procedures to investigate drug permeation and transport across freshly excised mucosal membranes.

I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Katharina Zimmermann, Dr. Chrystelle Mavoungou, and their respective groups at Hochschule Biberach. The friendliness and accommodation of my colleagues and the beauty of the city of Biberach made my stay especially enjoyable.

In summary, my experience during the secondment at Hochschule Biberach was exceptionally positive. I left with new knowledge, colleagues, and ideas for future work on my own project.