In 2023, I, Romain (ESR 5) from Hochschule Biberach (HBC), had the privilege to work under the supervision of Dr. Nazende Günday-Türeli. Alongside fellow early-stage researchers Alexander (ESR 12), Davide (ESR 9), and our gracious host, Selin (ESR 3), we embarked on an enriching month-long secondment at MyBiotech in Altforweiler, Germany. My primary focus was the intricate art of nanoparticle formulation, where I utilized PLGA to encapsulate both Albumin-FITC and insulin.

Navigating through the multifaceted challenges, from nanoparticle size optimization to the effective enrobing of both Albumin-FITC and insulin, our combined efforts and the expertise of the MyBiotech professionals were synergistic. The camaraderie between the ESRs, especially with the guidance and insights from Selin, was enhanced by Dr. Günday-Türeli’s mentorship, making our collaborative approach even more fruitful.

This journey underscored the pivotal role of industry-academia collaborations, seamlessly blending theoretical insights with practical applications. Reflecting on this experience, I am invigorated by the belief that the acquired knowledge will profoundly influence my ongoing research at HBC, opening up avenues for future collaborative innovations.

Romain @ MyBiotech