Ciao! Davide here (ESR9). Let me share the incredible secondment experience I had in January 2024 at LENS, in Florence.

Sure, the advanced fluorescence microscopy was amazing – delving into 2-photon and light-sheet techniques highlighted the potential of these tools. We explored hypothesis and analysed the nanogels I’ve produced for my PhD project, and how they interact with neuron-like cells. But my time in Florence was about more than the microscopes: Marta and Alberto, my fellow Early-Stage Researchers at LENS, were phenomenal. They were true mentors, patiently guiding me through complex concepts and troubleshooting by my side. Beyond the lab, we explored Florence’s charm together – from the iconic architecture to the best trattorias. That blend of scientific camaraderie and shared discovery made it special.

This secondment provided me with technical expertise and a profound appreciation for collaborative science. It was a reminder that pushing the boundaries of research is best done with a supportive team, such as the one we are building with Bio2Brain! My sincere thanks to Marta, Alberto, their supervisor Martino Calamai, and the entire LENS team for such an incredible experience!

It’s important to wear adequate protection when dealing with lasers! ESR7, Marta, and ESR9, Davide in the lab